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Women Formula 11: For Women Fertility

Women Formula II: Excellent Tonic
For Women Fertility



Greenlife Women Formula II
Greenlife Women’s Formula II is a very good tonic for women with menstrual disorders or fertility issues. It is also an ideal syrup to regularly supplement the blood flow during menstruations and as well as invigorating the body. It also helps to keep the face glowing by nourishing the face, keeps one younger.

Menstrual cramps or pre-menstrual syndrome are the common side effects of menstruation. Menstrual disorders can be caused by deficiency such as iron or folate and cold due to deficiency of vitamin B2. Menstrual disorders can also be caused by blood deficiency from the normal menstruation process.

Greenlife Women Formula II is a product that has been designed with the purpose of aiding women in treating their menstrual disorder, infertility and other health concerns. This makes it an excellent tonic for women who require regular blood supplements or want to enhance their skin’s health. It is also beneficial for boosting energy levels and invigorating the body.

Benefits Of Greenlife Women’s Formula II

1.   Women with infertility concern.

2.   Menstrual cramps.

3.   Pre-menstrual syndrome.

4.   Hormonal imbalance.

5.   It boost energy level.

6.   It helps to lighten up facial mood during period.


Active Ingredients:

Gallus domesticus, Panax ginseng, Radix Astragali, Savia miltiorrhiza, Angelica sinensis, White Paeony Root, Ligusticum chuanxiong, Cervus nippon Temminck, Concha Ostreae,Rhizoma Cyperi.


Greenlife women formula 11 tonifies blood and QI, warms the uterus, nurtures yin, resolves stagnation of liver qi and blood. Use for menstrual disorders due to deficiency or cold, including amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, or infertility.

Beneficial in post-partum fatigue. Effective for menstrual cramps and pre-menstrual syndrome due to blood deficiency, stagnation and congestion of liver qi. Also used for habitual dry cough or dry skin.


Menstrual disorders or fertility issues. It treats irregular menses due to blood deficiency, light menses, amenorrhea, postpartum fatigue, and infertility. It can also treat other blood deficiency symptoms like dizziness, dry skin & hair, fatigue, postural dizziness, pale complexion and tongue, and poor memory.

Administration & dosage:

  • Oral use only, 1 pill each time, twice daily.


  • Don’t use if pregnant.


  • 5.5 g by 10 pills per bottle.

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