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Natural Weight Loss with Greenlife Shade Kit

How to Experience Natural Weight Loss with Shade Kit


Struggling to lose weight? Looking for a natural way to shed those extra pounds?
Meet Shade Kit – a special herbal product designed to help you lose weight the healthy way. Packed with natural ingredients, Greenlife Shade Kit uses advanced science to make weight loss easier and better for you.

Introducing Greenlife Shade Kit: Your Path to Healthy Weight Loss

Imagine a product that uses the goodness of herbs to help you lose weight. That's Shade Kit for you. It's super strong because it has powerful ingredients from special herbs. These ingredients are mixed using clever science to make a powerful formula that helps you lose weight. But Shade Kit doesn't just help you lose weight – it also makes your body feel better overall.

The Science Inside Greenlife Shade Kit

Shade Kit works by fixing your body's natural system that controls how fast you use energy. When this system is not working right, it can make you gain weight. But Shade Kit helps to set things right. It also helps with fixing other problems caused by having too much weight. Like high blood pressure, diabetes, and liver issues. So, it's not just about looking better – it's about feeling healthier too.

More Than Just Weight Loss

Shade Kit doesn't stop at just helping you lose weight. It's like a superhero for your health. When you have too much weight, it can bring along other problems. Shade Kit fights those problems too. It helps to make them better. So, it's like getting a bunch of benefits in one cool package.

How Greenlife Shade Kit Works

Shade Kit has a cool trick up its sleeve. It makes a special enzyme called lipase wake up really fast. This enzyme helps to break down fat in your body. So, when it's awake and active, it's like having a little helper that melts away the fat. Shade Kit also helps your body use energy in the right way, so you don't store too much fat. It's like a weight loss buddy that knows all the right moves.

Using Greenlife Shade Kit: So Simple

Don't worry about complicated routines. Using Shade Kit is as easy as saying your name. All you need to do is take two capsules two times a day. Swallow them with water and you're good to go. It's a small step that can make a big difference in your weight loss journey.


In a world full of confusing diets and magic solutions, Greenlife Shade Kit stands out as a simple and effective way to lose weight naturally. It's like nature and science joined hands to help you become a healthier version of yourself. With Shade Kit, losing weight doesn't have to be hard. So, why wait? Start your journey to a lighter and happier you with Shade Kit today!

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Shade Kit

Angel Tea

Greenlife Angel Tea: For Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Blood Fat & Sugar


Chinese Angel Tea
Greenlife Chinese Angel Tea is a natural tea drink used to neutralize fat, cholesterol, high blood 
pressure, reduce weight, fat liver and high blood sugar.

It is also good for anti-aging, removes oil from foods, it’s anti-lipids and very good for hypertensive and diabetic patients.


Greenlife I-clear Glaucoma

If you're battling with Cataract and Glaucoma, or you know someone who does, then here is a solution you need. Never in history, have I heard there's anything good about having eye issues.

If you have one, it's advisable you get a solution to it, as issues with eyes aren't meant to be played with. I've been in there before, I know exactly what I'm talking about.

Greenlife B-Vital: Hypertension

B-Vital Tablet: Maintain Your Health and Prevent Hypertension

Greenlife B-vital


Greenlife B-vital is a natural supplement that has been designed to support the health of your heart, liver, brain, kidney, and blood vessels. It contains many natural ingredients and is free from additives or preservatives.

Greenlife B-Vital Tablet is a product that can provide relief for many symptoms.

Greenlife Products Prices - Best Prices in Nigeria

Greenlife Products Best Prices 

Greenlife Products Prices
1.      Alkaline Tester 6200: Greenlife Alkaline Tester  is used to test the alkalinity of water.        

2.      Aloevera 13000: Greenlife Aloevera  has curative effect for constipation, cleanses digestive tracks.   

3.      Angel Tea 9200: Greenlife Angel Tea is used for Cholesterol, Sugar and HBP.

4.      Anti-Col Tea 14100: Greenlife Anti-Col Tea for preventing influenza ,cold, headache, cough etc.

How To End Quick Ejaculation - Natural Cure For Weak Erection

Stay erect In action for several rounds! End erectile dysfunction and quick ejaculation. Discover a natural solution that cures weak erection and premature ejaculation.

Natural ways to deal with erectile dysfunction, weak erection and premature ejaculation with no side effects. 100% natural

Have you ever thought what could be the root causes of why you don't last long enough to satisfy her or always getting weak?

Don't Wait Till This Happens To You. Stop Giving Excuses "It's Stress From Work, I Took Much Of Sugar Lately, I'm Not In The Mood" If you want to keep enjoying that happy home.

I am not saying all these to spite you or make you feel angry… far from it.


Imagine this scenario, that after you ejaculate, you still have your dick standing again. Or you are on your woman for more than 30mins without Cumming.

According to scientific research, women love sex more than men although they don't admit to this.

Are you also aware that Greenlife Vigo is far better than enlargement DRUGS and PUMPS because it doesn't have any side effect?

According to data from the scientific research, the prevalence of ED increased about 40% in men aged 35–44 years. WHILE it increased to about 52% in men aged 45-70 years. It means in Nigeria today, over 1.8 million men are clinically impotent. This are really alarming.

About 2/5 of Men With This Problem  

Fortunately, You Can Put An End To This Shameful Problem. Infact it’s Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible

I have a Good News For You!


Greenlife Vigo Capsules

Vigo Capsule is a 100% herbal product based on a secret formula from China. The pure natural formula will improve sexual potency, enhance one's energy and endurance level. 

Active Ingredients: (Each Capsule) Asian Red Ginseng - 225mg Cervi Pantotrichum - 25mg Epimedium Leaf Extract - 100mg Syzyium Aromaticum - 50mg 

Function & Indications: To reinforce the vital energy, strengthen sexual function. Use for Sexual weakness, impotence, premature ejaculation and those who just wish to improve their sexual performance. 

Precautions: For adult males only. Prohibited from people with severe Hypertension & Heart diseases

Finally You Can Get Your Confidence Back With Rock-Hard Erections and Maximum Energy To Make Love To Your Wife Without The Fear of Quick Ejaculation Without Any Side Effects

In this product, you will have the best answers to all your erectile issues. Don't just read and pass. Try this now! I assure you of its potency and effectiveness. One Good thing about this product is that you will start seeing the results immediately. Try it and see.

What this products will do is to get into the tissues and veins in the penis, flush off the dead and weak cells that controls the passage of blood into the penis cause if the blood does not flow into the penis, if you like drink all the drugs in this world, you wont get an erection. after taking the drugs and it allows passage of blood into the penis, you will start getting erection. The sweet thing about this product is that in less than 2 hours of taking this drugs, you will start experiencing a serious rise in your penis. i advise my client to have their babes or wife around them when about to take this drugs. Are you still doubting? That's left to you to try it now

Note: it's effectively working, don't lose out because of doubt. try it and see for yourself. For your health, no amount is too big. Get it and get back to your original self.

What you will achieve by Using Greenlife Vigo Capsule!

Greenlife Vigo Capsule is  much better at enhancing libido than chemical based drugs which tends to have long time side effects

Product Price

1 Bottle of Vigo  = N12,000
2 Bottles of Vigo = N22,000 (save 2k)

FOR INQUIRY, CONTACT US 08066695999, 08083377504

How To Join Greenlife Herbal Network And Make Money


GREENLIFE HERBAL NETWORK is a multinational company engaged in distribution of herbal products. Greenlife herbal products are effective for prevention and cure of diseases.

Register with N5000
Do 200 personal point of approximately(N85000 worth of products). This moves you to level 3. This is where you start earning bonuses and other benefits. 
Introduce 4 people at anytime.
For each 200pv your Downline does, you earn N10,000
(N10000 x 4 = N40000)
Encourage your 1st generation to introduce their own 4 persons each.
This is how you keep growing your network. You and your team members can earn every month. And every 6 months, you can qualify for awards. 
In Greenlife, there is no wiping of points.
No SSD(Same Status Distributor).
Your monthly points are accumulated towards award(s) achievement.
Each registration of N4,200 can earn you N43.5m in awards alone. And you are allowed to have multiple registration.
FREE INTERNATIONAL TRIP (or N875,000 cash option)
To qualify:
Develop 4 team leaders(3,000pv) with NDC(network development cumulative) of 18,000pv at any time.
SMALL BRAND NEW CAR (or N3,500,000 million cash option)
To qualify: develop 4 Asst. Team Supervisor(18,000pv) with NDC of 72,000pv at any time.
TEAM DIRECTOR CASH AWARD - N6,250,000 million cash option)
GATE WAY VACATION AWARD (or N7,500,000 million cash option)
BIG CAR AWARD ( or N11,250,000 million cash option)
HOUSE AWARD (or N25 million cash option)
There is no target or deadline for any of the award qualification. This enables everyone to become a millionaire in Greenlife. You collect your award/reward any time you meet up. 
For more info, Call or Whatsapp +2348083377504


This is how to register with Greenlife Herbal Network in Nigeria.



 *Status or Levels in Greenlife Herbal Network Ltd.* 

 *Level 1= Member* Criteria: Payment of N4,200 for registration.

 *Level 2 = Senior* *Member* (50PPV)

 *Level 3 = Planner* (200PPV).

 *Level 4 = Team Developer* (800GPV)

 *Level 5 = Team Leader* (3000GPV)

 *Level 6 = Asst Supervisor* (18000GPV)

 *Level 7 = Team Supervisor* (70000GPV)

 *Level 8 = Team Director* (270000GPV)

Others awards are  honourary such as

* Super Star or Gateway Vacation.

* Honourary Director or Big Car

* Eagle or House Award.

 *Basic steps after your registration.* 

With your registration, you are automatically in level 1. The company will issue you Greenlife Business ID card with 12 unique number meant for you alone. This is your business identification number that will use to monitor your personal performance and payment of your entitlement.

NB: Each product has point value (PV) attached to it. It's PV that is used to measure your progress or status in the business.

1. *Use the products.* As a distributor, the company wants you to use the products in order for you to test their efficacy. But buying it personally is not compulsory if you don't have any health issues but the products can also be used for prevention too.

 *2. Share the products information.* Having used the product, the company wants you to share the products testimonies with friends, family and colleagues using your contacts on phone,  one-on-one and social media. You can also share the products testimonies of someone who buy and used the products through your marketing efforts.

As you perform the above steps you will be making profits and at the same time gathered points value (PV) which will be use to measure your growth in the business and which in return will be to calculate either your monthly bonuses or awards as the case may be.

If you buy products personally, you will buy at discounted price as a registered distributor and still have PV.

If anyone buys through your efforts, you will earn instant 20% retail profits together with PV.

 *Level Senior Member* 

The moment you have 50PPV, either through direct personal purchase or from your client or customers, you are automatically in level 2 as a Senior Member.

The company wants  you to add 150PPV to the already accumulated 50PV to make up 200PPV. This is the foundation of your business and at this level 3, if a point is added to your 200PPV, you will be entitled to a monthly bonus.

NB: To make your points, in Greenlife we don't hawk products from house to house or from street to street rather we share the products and the business opportunity with people the way am doing with you.

 *Level 3 PLANNER* 
With your 200PPV, you are automatically in level 3 as a Planner. It is not compulsory you buy the product yourself unless for personal use. But you can achieve any level in the business using OPM method. This method encourage to identify 3 to 4 people who needed the products, sell it to them, make your profits and accumulate your points from the sales.


After your level 3 with 200PPV (Personal Point Value). The next steps you will take are:

1. Share the business opportunity with just 4 focus and serious minded people who need more out of life or extra sources of income. This business can be combined with any other work, job or business. Which means you can do it for part-time or full-time. 

2. Perfect Duplication. Duplicate yourself into the four registered direct legs of yours. Train them about the company and support them in terms of seminar presentation, attending company training, awards and other ceremonies of the company. This will serves as morale boosters.

Summarily, you will register 4 people into your business.

A👤  B👤 C👤 D👤

 If your four legs are now in level 3 with 200PV each, you will earn 20% monthly bonus from each leg which is equivalent to N8,500 only from each leg. If you are fortunate to have the 4 of them having their level 3 that month, you will earn N8,500 x 4 making N34,000 as your monthly bonus. Again, you will have an accumulated PV of 800 from their efforts together with your own 200PV.

NB: Your downlines PV will not be taken away from them.

*Level 5.TEAM LEADER* 

The four registered direct legs of yours are now at the level of recruiting 4 people each to their own team too.

The four people will earn what you have earned the moment their own direct legs are in level 3 (N34k). You as their Sponsor will earn 5% bonus again from the 16 registered people under your own four direct legs and this will also amount to another N34K.

Your cummulative points will be 4200GPV as 1000GPV will come out from each of the four network under you A. 1000PV
       B. 1000PV
        C. 1000PV
        D. 1000PV


At this level, your business must have spanned across your immediate community, Nigeria even outside the country where Greenlife exists. The moment your cumulative points is 18000GPV, apart from your monthly bonuses, you are entitled to the first Company award called Free International Trip Award. You will be invited to come and travel to Dubai, Malaysia and China. But if you don't want to travel, the company will pay you cash equivalent of *N700,000* you can make it at any time 


You will inspire, motivate and support your downlines (direct 4 legs) for them to be in level 6 and  collect their own trip award each. Immediately they are in level 6, you will be in level 7 with cumulative points of 70000GPV.

Again, with this cumulative points, you are entitled to another award called *Small Car* *Award* . If you don't want the company car, the company will give you cash equivalent of *N2.800,000* at any time you qualify


The success of your direct four legs is of great importance to your business. So you must work together as I am ready to work for your success too. The moment your direct four legs collect their owns small car award, you will be entitled to another award called *Cash* *Award* of N5,000,000m with your cumulative points of 270000GPV.


1. Super Star Award worth of *N6,000,000m

2. Big Car Award worth of *N9,000,000m

3. Eagle Award worth of *N20,000,000m

NB. The total awards entitled to by a registered Greenlife Distributor is *N43.500,000M* it is achievable at anytime.

Thanks for time and understanding as we look forward to hearing from you soon.










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