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How To Join Greenlife Herbal Network And Make Money


GREENLIFE HERBAL NETWORK is a multinational company engaged in distribution of herbal products. Greenlife herbal products are effective for prevention and cure of diseases.

Register with N5000
Do 200 personal point of approximately(N85000 worth of products). This moves you to level 3. This is where you start earning bonuses and other benefits. 
Introduce 4 people at anytime.
For each 200pv your Downline does, you earn N10,000
(N10000 x 4 = N40000)
Encourage your 1st generation to introduce their own 4 persons each.
This is how you keep growing your network. You and your team members can earn every month. And every 6 months, you can qualify for awards. 
In Greenlife, there is no wiping of points.
No SSD(Same Status Distributor).
Your monthly points are accumulated towards award(s) achievement.
Each registration of N4,200 can earn you N43.5m in awards alone. And you are allowed to have multiple registration.
FREE INTERNATIONAL TRIP (or N875,000 cash option)
To qualify:
Develop 4 team leaders(3,000pv) with NDC(network development cumulative) of 18,000pv at any time.
SMALL BRAND NEW CAR (or N3,500,000 million cash option)
To qualify: develop 4 Asst. Team Supervisor(18,000pv) with NDC of 72,000pv at any time.
TEAM DIRECTOR CASH AWARD - N6,250,000 million cash option)
GATE WAY VACATION AWARD (or N7,500,000 million cash option)
BIG CAR AWARD ( or N11,250,000 million cash option)
HOUSE AWARD (or N25 million cash option)
There is no target or deadline for any of the award qualification. This enables everyone to become a millionaire in Greenlife. You collect your award/reward any time you meet up. 
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  1. I am once a member.
    I want to reconnect myself with my id number. Please, how do I do that.?

  2. I have registered, how will i go about it?