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D-Regulator: Heart Diseases, High BP

D-Regulator: Heart Diseases, High Blood Pressure

Greenlife D-Regulator is an ideal choice for heart disease patients who feel chest depression and minor or middle heart pain. 


Function & Indications: 

Greenlife D-regulator

Greenlife D-regulator eliminates the stagnancy and activates the blood, promotes circulation of Qi (energy) and relieves pain, dilates the coronary arteries, improves the myocardial ischemic, increases both blood circulation and oxygen levels in the myocardium. 

Slowing heart rhythm, slightly reducing blood pressure and blood lipid, decreasing the opportunity for the formation of arteriosclerotic plaque. It is mainly indicated for prevention and treatment of angina pectoris resulting from coronary heart disease, lung blockage caused by blood stagnation, pain in chest, palpitation, arrhythmia and short of breath. 


Active Ingredients: 

Dioscorea panthaica Prain et Burkill extract, Dioscorea nipponica Makino Extract. 


Administration and dosage: 

Oral use only. 1-2 capsule/ time, 3 times daily. First month, take 2 capsules per time & 3 times daily; reduce to 1 capsule per time when you feel better. 



A few people feel nausea or dizziness at first period, in such cases do not stop taking the medicine, it will disappear itself. 



100mg/capsule, 20 capsules/bottle. 



Keep in cool, dark and dry place. Keep it out of the reach of children


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